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Smartscope / Inspection

What can we do for you?

Smartscope / Inspection
Our inspection department is
state of the art.

Starting with our core inspection
device, our new Smartscope Flare
200 with both Measure-X and
Measure-Fit software. We now
have the ability to computer check
any and all dimensions pertinent to your particular job and provide you
with a printed report showing the results.

Smartscope / Inspection

We also have a 3.5-90X trinocular stereo zoom microscope. With this
we are able to visually inspect our parts up to 90X their original size,
both through the lens and on our
PC screen. And with it’s trinocular
port, we also have the added photo-graphic and video capabilities.

Smartscope / Inspection
We have an extensive collection
of hand inspection equipment also, which includes height gauges,
veneers, micrometers, gauge blocks, gauge pins, ect.

Here at On Demand EDM Inc. we
strive to make the best possible parts for our customers, and in order to do that you need the best inspection equipment available, and we have that.

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