Our Goal is to Provide “On Time”, “Precision” Tooling and Parts, at a “Reasonable Price”

On Demand EDM
On Demand EDM

What can we do for you?

Wire EDM in Minneapolis, Blaine, Coon Rapids and surrounding areas.

Whether it’s a single piece part, or a high quantity production run, wire E.D.M. is the best way to produce high accuracy, tight tolerance, burr free parts.

With this process, we are capable of cutting any type of conductive material, including exotic metals such as titanium, molybdenum, hastaloy, kovar, inconel, carbide, hardened tool steels etc.

Here at On Demand EDM Inc. we have the latest technology in both our production and inspection equipment.

Wire E.D.M

With our seven Mitsubishi wire E.D.M. machines, the MD+PRO (designed specifically for medical hardware production), our 2 - FA10S machines, our 2 - FA10S Advanced machines, and our largest machine the FA20S, (capable of cutting through an 11.8” block), we have the fastest, most accurate, most energy efficient machines available from Mitsubishi today. To you it means more accurate, less expensive parts, with quicker turnaround times.

Jim Newlin and Jeff Olson

Jim Newlin and Jeff Olson, founders of
On Demand EDM, Inc.

Other services we provide:

Engineering and design assistance
     Prototype development
          Parts production
               Tool cutting
                              Hole popping

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